Southern Colorado Elk

Southern Colorado Elk
Southern Colorado ElkElk hunting can be one of the most rewarding or one of the most frustrating hunts in the world. On this particular hunt to southern Colorado we experienced a bit of both. The bulls were screaming day and night. We could hardly sleep at night it was so loud! Everyday we were on bulls, but being on bulls and getting bulls on film can be two very different things.

      We were hunting in some extremely steep and rough terrain. Upon arrival I learned firsthand what elevation sickness was. We were hunting in 11-12,000 feet and for a flatlander from MN the air was a bit thin to say the least!! With all that aside I have never seen and heard so many elk in my life. The main reason we were able to hunt the ranch was that the elk are actually destroying the land.

Their heavily traveled trails are eroding the land and they completely destroy the young trees. They are truly a majestic animal, but they can become destructive when their populations become too dense. Mark Kayser and I had the privilege to stay in one of the most beautiful camps I’ve ever seen. The guides ran us hard during the day chasing elk but in the evenings we came back to a beautiful dinner and gorgeous rooms. 

      We ended up with several encounters where bulls were inside 30-yards, but something would always happen. One time a doe came running through the shooting lane, then a cow elk, then the bull came flying in behind them and came to a screeching halt. Who knows what he saw or didn’t like. That sixth sense kicked in and he spun around as fast as he appeared.

      I’ve been able to hunt New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado for elk and never in my life have I seen numbers like this. They were not all monster bulls, but they were good bulls. My heart was pounding every time one of those giants came into range...and that’s what it’s all about. This was a perfect example where we went home without a kill, but it was one of the most exciting hunting trips I’ve ever been a part of.

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