Texas Hog Pitstop

After wrapping up a great turkey hunt I felt I owed Texas a favor.  So to repay this favor I took a few days off from the gobbler action to take out a few hogs.  I enjoy any hunt where there is a lot of shooting, and with hogs you will seldom be let down.  Also if you are looking to hunt an animal that is good eating and nearly everyone will give you permission, hogs are the answer.  I’ve been lucky enough to take a number of hogs throughout the years in a variety of different hunting situations.  I tend to spot and stalk hunt during the midday and sit in ground blinds or tree stands in the evenings.

When in Texas, I usually hunt with friends who own property on the outskirts of Houston.  They are avid deer hunters and have a terrible time keeping food plots going due to the out of control hog numbers.  Prior to my arrival they put several trail cameras out to find where the hogs were frequently coming through.  After looking through several hundred photos, the hog population looked like it was still going strong and I had just the medicine.  A quiver full of pink arrows!

Hogs have terrible eyesight so I decided to try a little spot and stalk hunting before we setup my ground blind.  It wasn’t long before I found a big boar, but getting within bow range can be pretty difficult.  Boars are usually skittish and have an incredible nose.  This big guy knew something wasn’t quite right and stayed just outside 50-yards.  Each time I inched closer, he backed away.  He couldn’t make out what I was but wasn’t interested in getting a closer look.  Either way it was a fun stalk but I wasn’t able to close the deal so I decided to move to a ground blind and wait for evening.

Hogs usually wait until last light to show up which can make it very difficult when filming.  As the sun dropped hogs began to move and it wasn’t long before they were right in my lap.  An entire group swarmed the area and I picked out the largest one in the bunch.  I waited until I had a quartering away shot and just as my arrow hit my Cuddeback took a photo of all the action.  The hog only went about 50-yards and within 24-hours we were grilling back straps on the grill enjoying the beautiful Texas weather.  Not exactly a planned part of the turkey tour but a relaxing break before heading to South Carolina to get back in the turkey action. 

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