Rain Rain Go Away

I understand the saying April showers bring May flowers but will this rain ever end?  As I’ve been traveling around the country hunting turkeys I’ve hit rain in almost every state. We’re not talking small amounts of rain, but nonstop downpours, lightning, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms.  I’ve always enjoyed storms, but this spring I am definitely getting my fill.  So far I’ve driven through 4 storms severe enough where I had to pull over and let the rain subside.  And just last week I got caught in a tornado in Kentucky.  Luckily it was only a mile off, but it really makes you think when you are in your vehicle and can see it out your passenger window.

This also brings me to another question.  I have always been told that if you are driving and spot a tornado you need to get out and lie flat in a ditch.  Do people really do this?  It was raining sideways, branches and debris was flying everywhere and they really want me to get out of my truck and go lie down in the ditch?  Maybe this would be the safest thing to do but instead I kept driving and eventually got out of the storm.  I was debating stopping by someone’s house to see if they would let me in their basement, but unless I could see that tornado coming right for me, I highly doubt I would jump out of my vehicle and lie in the ditch.

Although the weather has made driving difficult the rain has really put a damper on my spot and stalk turkey adventures this spring as well. When the rain is pouring down, there is really only one place to hunt when you have a camera along.  Welcome to ground blind paradise where the weather is always dry and cameras are happy. I’ve tried pushing the limits at times and taking a camera out in the rain, but it always ends the same; fried out electronics, big repair bills, and no footage.

Although some people may think sitting in a blind is boring, It’s really kind of enjoyable when you’re listening to the rain, thunder, and an occasional turkey gobble as morning hits.  I can promise you one thing, it sure beats sitting in my edit suite putting video together or being in an office! 

There are a lot of people out there who will stay inside at the first sight of rain or storms and I’m really the opposite.  Sure, I like to stay dry whether I hunt from a ground blind, use a tree umbrella, or just layer up the raingear but it’s pretty tough to keep me inside when there is hunting to be done. I can guarantee you there are a million hunters locked up in their cubicle at any given moment that would trade spots in an instant.

So strap on your boots, pull your hood up and get out there and enjoy the moment even if there is no end of rain in sight, just be safe and try to stay dry!

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