Fishing With Mom

After debating what to do for Mother’s Day weekend, my decision was confirmed after looking at the forecast.  Saturday was to be a beautiful blue bird sky day and 70 degrees. That may not be a big of deal for most people, but for Minnesota it’s been a long time coming!

To make the most of the weather my dad, brother and I decided to celebrate mother’s day and pamper mom by hitting the lake.  Since we were kids we have hunted and fished together as a family, and it is something we all thoroughly enjoy doing.  There are always lots of laughs, great stories, and the girls usually out fish the boys.

We headed out to a small lake near my parents home in central Minnesota and caught fish all afternoon.  We joked around, took photos, and I even talked my brother into filming a little bit of the action.  I didn’t want to make it a big production, but wanted to have a few memories to share.  Although we didn’t keep count, my mom and I did pretty well on the sunfish and provided the food for the table.  Dad was somehow catching more bass than sunfish and my brother caught the first fish, winning him the high stakes dollar we offer for first fish in the Bachman household.  I explained that he was obviously not doing his job as a cameraman because he should have been busy with the camera, not fishing.  But  I still paid up after giving him a hard time.

Once we got back to my parents house we made a fish cleaning production line between my brother, my dad and I to get all the fish cleaned for dinner, giving mom a break.  There are few things better to eat than fresh sunfish, so we all enjoyed a wonderful meal together.  Once dinner had settled, it was out to the campfire for desert.  Smores were on the menu and we enjoyed roasting (and burning) a few marshmallows before getting some perfectly golden brown. 

After a day filled with laughter, good food, and great photos it only confirms that the best mother’s day gifts can come without a big price tag or wrapped in a perfect bow.  We were able to spend the day together as a family doing what we love, enjoying time together in the outdoors.

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