Prepping for the Big Boys

A good portion of my spring has been spent turkey hunting, but when I’m chasing gobblers in Illinois the season closes at 1pm each day.  What’s a girl to do after that?  Of course the occasional nap has its place but this is a perfect time to get out and reset tree stands.  Some people may think I’m crazy and it’s too early, but I disagree.  Spring is a great time to scout your hunting ground, check and reset stands, and hopefully pickup a couple sheds along the way.

I like to get stands up early and have everything set and lanes cut before the heat of the summer takes over.  There is nothing worse than carrying ladders, stands, and a saw deep into your property on a ninety-degree day, not to mention the black flies and ticks that will nearly carry you away if you wait until mid-summer.  There is another added bonus for setting your stands early and that is the poison ivy and poison oak are generally still dormant this time of the year. 

I’m not always out there putting up all brand new stands, but sometimes a 30-40 yard move can make all the difference.  Deer change their patterns over time, and sometimes it takes a year or two to get a stand just right.

Once I pick out a spot I do my best to make it comfortable. No it’s not because I’m a wimp or a baby but I usually sit all day.  The more comfortable I am, the longer I will sit and the more deer I will see, very simple.  I also do my best to keep my entrance in and out quiet and always put a pull rope at every stand.  The last thing I need is to be fumbling through my pack in the morning looking for a rope to pull my bow up.  This way every stand has a rope tied off on a step, patiently awaiting my arrival.  

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